Terms of use Wholesale Panel  Muscle Power Sp. o.o. (Muscle Power):

1. Wholesale Panel does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.

2. In order to obtain the access wholesale panel is a acceptance of these regulations / rules.

3. Prices in the wholesale panel constitute confidential information addressed only to logged-in customer. Detection of fact make such information by unauthorized third parties (retailers, other business partners, competitors) will result in blocking access to the Wholesale Panel and occurrence of damages to the lawsuit by Muscle Power Sp. o.o. in order to obtain appropriate compensation for the losses incurred.

4. The states of Warehouse used in Wholesale Panel are states for demonstration, similar to the real - in connection with the sale of a continuous panels and other delays in sync inventory.  Muscle Power Sp. o.o.  reserve the right to any changes in the quantity of orders, after contact with the customer and acceptance on his part.

5. Proposed prices on Wholesale Panel include tax - VAT

6. The prices are valid with a minimum order 500PLN / 250EUR.

7. For contracts with a value exceeding PLN 750 - NATIONAL SHIPPING (in Poland)  IN THE PRICE 0.02 PLN / PACKAGE

8. Complaints relating to the contract must be submitted immediately after checking the contents of the shipment within 3 working days of receipt of the package.

9. Each of the partners has its price level granted on the basis of monthly turnover made. Presented proposed prices include discounts granted

10. Transport costs are shown in the table tab Shipping on the Wholesale Panel.

11. Minimum initial purchase is 500PLN / 250EUR

12. The contractor bears full responsibility for the actions that will be made using the login and password.

13. Muscle Power has the right to restrict or withdraw the possibility of ordering a contractor who violates the rules of these Regulations or additional arrangements, in particular pricing policy Muscle Power.

14. Detection Panel of the program performing the automatic data acquisition will result in the immediate liquidation of all the Contractor's accounts, which in this way acquires the information, which additionally may result in certain legal action.

15. The parties agree that orders placed via the Internet Wholesale Panel do not require confirmation by Muscle Power in a different form and are treated as made in writing. Muscle Power shall however have the right, to verify the order and refuse to implement it without giving reasons.